Best Hijama ever!!! Sister Bahjeh is well versed and very knowledgeable in this field. She listens intently and treats the problem thoroughly. The treatment is very effective and you will see the results after just one session. I am a regular and get monthly treatments and will recommend her highly.
— Hina Munir
Alhamdolillah I have a wonderful experience doing business with you and In sha Allah will continue doing business with you. You have been very flexible and accommodative. May Allah give you more success in your business.
— Imtiaz Siddique
I got stung by a Yellow Jacket Wasp today... First time ever in my life getting stung. OMG... it hurt, A LOT!
The first thing I ran to was this Black Seed Oil that I purchased from Hijaama Healing (now Nourished Healing). After I put oil on it, I put honey (raw, unfiltered with its honeycomb) on it as well. I then took a bite of the honey with honeycomb and a big pinch of black seed to chew on, to make sure my system didn’t have any allergic reactions (black seed acts as an anti-histamine).
There was a burning sensation, but it calmed down within minutes. Over the next few hours, my arm would have sporadic burning sensation and pain. It has now been 7 hours since I got stung and there isn’t even a red mark or any swelling. I’ve applied the oil a few times.
Shifaa is from Allah alone, and Allah has created natural medicine in this vast earth, and He taught us that which we did not know.
Al-Bukhaari (5688) and Muslim (2215) narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that heard the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) say concerning the black seed: “In it there is healing for every disease, except as-saam.” Ibn Shihaab said: As-saam is death.
I have used black seed oil/seeds to cure (bi’ithnillah) colds, ear infection, tooth infection, UTI, allergic reaction to food, gall bladder stone, breast tumors, increase milk production, clear sinus congestion, relieve asthma attacks... I even use it in my homemade toothpaste.
My health, and the health of those around me who’ve also begu to use black seed, has improved tremendously walHamdulillah!
— Aiman Attar
Alhamdulillah - satisfied with my order and look forward to buying more in future in shaa Allah.
— Shabana Anees
Jazaki Allaah khair, I really appreciate your help and support. May Allah be pleased with you! ♥ ♥
— Shumaila K
Assalam alikum - received your package. Jazakallah khair for the prompt service and replacing the honey with a bigger size. You have excellent customer service Ma sha Allah. May Allah put barakat in your business Ameen!
— Summaya M