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Shilajit Capsules - Vegan, Gluten Free

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    Product Description

    Enjoy an active lifestyle with energy-boosting, immune-strengthening, and mineral-rich Shilajit capsules – purest form with NO additives, synthetics, and heavy metals!

    Nature’s Blends hand-pick raw, effective, and powerful Shilajit resin from the Himalayan Mountains, turn it into 100% pure Shilajit powder and produce vegan, gluten-free capsules.

    Our easy-to-eat food supplement completes your equation of a nutrient-rich, health-giving, and balanced diet along with increasing your testosterone levels by supporting its production.

    Product Overview

    Sourced from South Asia, our Shilajit is minimally-filtered and lab-tested for preserving all the natural extracts. Also known as Salajeet, Shilajit capsules provide your body with plenty of potent minerals. They are enriched with potassium and magnesium to enhance your physical endurance and improve and mental health significantly. The fulvic acid and humic acid are the topmost active ingredients.

    Nature’s Blends vegan Shilajit capsules only contain extra-strength Shilajit extract. Every batch of capsules meets all quality and safety standards during collecting, processing, and encapsulation. We made it free of gluten and with Non-GMO and premium ultra-pure ingredients.

    Men expect a decline in testosterone levels with increasing age or for multiple reasons, but our purified Shilajit has a potential testosterone-boosting effect (male androgenic hormone).

    This natural dietary supplement has shown a long-standing relationship in infertile male patients with oligospermia (a condition with low sperm concentration). Successful results in both younger/adult and older men can be observed in promoting a healthy male reproductive system with increased total and free serum testosterone levels, catering to the lowered sex drive and decreased muscle mass. By maintaining satisfactory testosterone levels in your body with Shiljair, you will have a thinner yet muscular and stronger body with more energy and a higher sex drive!

    This fully safe dietary supplement offers health-promoting and faster healing properties for a calm mind, muscular body, and peaceful soul. Upon consuming it daily, you will experience improved circulation, increased physical power, muscular toning, and reduced stress or anxiety levels.


    Shilajit, a herbo-mineral compound, is considered precious not only because it has been a primary part of Ayurvedic medicine to treat men with lower Testosterone (primary male sex hormone) levels but also because it takes centuries to form and ooze decomposed plant-mineral compounds. Yes, the extraction process is equally complicated.

    Shilajit demands specific surroundings with appropriate temperature and pressure to grow. It can only be hand-collected from the huge, vast mountainous regions where rocks are as high as 3000 meters or more. In Indian Ayurveda, the use of shilajit for treating various ailments dates back at least a millennium. It comes with an extensive history related to yogis who used it for maintaining the body’s vitality.

    Depending on its properties, Shilajit is known by many names in different cultures. The most commonly used name is “mineral pitch, " which comes packed with not less than 85 different minerals. South Asians call it a “mystical offering” due to their belief that Shilajit is a gift of gods for people to treat numerous health issues. Lastly, it goes by “mountain blood” because it is oozed from high mountain rocks, like blood oozing out of wounds.
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    - Take it as advised or suggested by your health physician. Never consume more than the
    recommended (upper intake) dosage.
    - Individuals taking other medications must consult before using Shilajit.
    - Pregnant, lactating, and breastfeeding women should use it after consultation.
    - If you are allergic, intolerant, or sensitive to any of the product’s ingredients, do not
    consume them.
    - Stop using it in case of any reactions.
    - Don’t consume it without consulting your health physician, especially if you suffer from any
    medical (mental or physical) condition.
    - Keep it out of children’s reach.

    Health Benefits of Shilajit

    • Strengthens immunity and prepares your body to fight germs to keep illness at bay.
    • Good for CNS health and improves brain functions.
    • Naturally detoxifies your body and eliminates toxins from the body effectively.
    • Potent anti-oxidants as they target harmful free radicals to ensure 100% protection from cellular damage.
    • May play a supportive role as an anti-ageing agent.
    • Powerful energy-boosting properties.
    • It helps you get rid of sexual weakness by increasing testosterone levels.
    • It is definitely a nutrient-rich source of a post-workout diet.
    • Shilajit may play a positive role in cell and tissue repair and maintenance.
    • Extremely advantageous for urinary disorders and skin diseases.
    • Infection prevention can be another benefit.
    • It acts as an anti-fatigue agent – fulfilling nutrition needs and combating lethargy.
    • Significantly improves physical strength and resilience.
    • A valuable supplement to resolve GIT/digestive issues.


    What is the purpose of taking the Shilajit capsule?
    Shilajit capsules are the easiest, most natural, and safer way to boost stamina, body resilience, and
    immunity while getting rid of fatigue and toxins from the body. It can be taken for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, to improve cognitive health, or as a diuretic.

    Can you take 1 Shilajit capsule daily?
    The answer varies considering your health status, body need, and the purpose of taking capsules.
    The dose is also subject to change considering its potency and purity. Although, the recommended daily dose of Shilajit is within 300-500 milligrams.

    When should I take Shilajit capsules?
    Consult your doctor and take as suggested. It can be taken with food, milk, or water on an empty stomach or before bed.

    How much time does Shilajit take to work?
    Results can vary, but generally, you will experience the benefits within ten days to over 6-8 weeks.

    What does the Shilajit capsule make you feel?
    On the one hand, it gives your body a punch of refreshing energy, replenishing your stamina and power. On the other hand, it calms your body and relaxes your muscles because of potassium and magnesium. Ultimately, your stress and anxiety levels are decreased.

    What will be the Ideal amount of Shilajit to be consumed for Testosterone production?
    The suggested effective dosage of supplement depends on a variety of individual factors such as:

    • Bodyweight
    • Age
    • Physiology

    Generally, it is advised to be consumed within 200mg – 500mg to potentially increase testosterone production, but you can make changes in the dosage along the way after consulting your health practitioner to achieve your anticipated results.

    What testosterone and sperm parameters are positively affected by Shilajit supplementation?

    • The supplementation with Shilajit can significantly:
    • Increase serum testosterone (free and total)
    • Increase FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone for (control sperm production)
    • Decrease malondialdehyde (MDA is a marker for oxidative stress)
    • Increase sperm mobility

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